Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered Flooring from Orlestone Oak

High quality engineered oak flooring available in a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses and grades.
Our Rustic Grade engineered flooring contains natural knots.
Our Prime Grade engineered flooring is almost knot-free.
Our Prime Grade engineered flooring has few knots and is evenly coloured.
Our engineered oak flooring is available in two grades: Prime and Rustic.
We have 5 different widths: 148mm, 189mm, 220mm, 260mm and our latest addition, 280mm
Widths are a personal choice but generally the larger widths are used in bigger spaces or when mixed width flooring is required.
The 148mm and 189mm widths are more suitable for use in smaller areas.
Available in two thicknesses: 21mm and 14mm
All our engineered oak flooring is supplied in a thickness of 21mm and we can also supply the 189mm widths to a thickness of 14mm. The thinner flooring is most suitable for rooms with restricted headroom or for overlay flooring.
The 21mm has a 6mm top layer of oak which gives a greater wear layer, the 189mm/14mm has a 3mm top layer.
After lots of sales and careful deliberation we recommend that the boards are sold in an unfinished state. This enables the end user to choose the colour of their choice. Also it will let you colour other items such as doors and stairs and have a record of what you have used for future projects.
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If you view the price list this will also give you an indication of the lengths we can supply. You should note that our boards are longer than most which assists in quicker fitting and gives better aesthetics.
The most common use of engineered flooring to date is its compatibility with underfloor heating. We have found that this year our sales have risen not only for projects which have under floor heating but also where our clients have undertaken the fitting themselves.
As an alternative to engineered oak flooring, we also supply solid oak flooring.

Orlestone Oak also make bespoke oak joinery products such as:

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