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Orlestone Oak's Solid Oak Floor Grades

Orlestone’s Select Prime grade oak flooring is characterised by a smooth flowing grain texture and near knotless appearance. There are minor heart splits or burrs and colour tone is more uniform and less varied than Rustic grade and Character grade. Knots that are present are small, approximately 10 mm or less in size.

Viewed in a room environment, both colour and pattern appear even. Any colour or texture variations between the boards has been deemed by Orlestone staff to be suitable for our Select Prime grade oak flooring.

Character grade is our most popular solid oak flooring. It has a smoother grain and smaller less frequent knots than our rustic flooring range and virtually no heart splits. There are swirl grains and random changes in colour, with a range of cream and buff hues. Viewed in a room environment, there are subtle changes in tone, gradual changes in grain, such as swirls, and some dark knots. Together these characteristics produce a beautiful floor of pleasing and restrained character.

Our sold oak Rustic grade oak flooring is characterised by random splits, swirl grain, star knots and burrs along the lenghth of the floorboards. Viewed across a floor, Rustic creates an overall pleasing mix of texture and interest. The colour of our Rustic Oak flooring is characterised by hues of cream, buff and brown to create the classic country oak floor look. These colours are futher enhance by staining and polishing to produce a finish similar to our engineered oak flooring ranges.

Please note that all examples shown are representative of the colouring and patterning of each grade.
We grade our flooring carefully, but no two boards are the same and there will be variations within each grade.

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