Orlestone Oak Flooring

Profiled Oak Flooring

Profiled Oak Flooring

V-Grooved Oak Flooring
V-grooved or micro-beveled oak flooring is pre-sanded during the manufacturing process which eliminates the need for sanding after laying. A deeper V-joint can be machined into the board which allows for sanding on site.
The V-groove option can be applied to any grade of solid oak flooring.
When ordering please state whether pre-sanded boards are required.
Alternatively, take a look at our engineered oak flooring range which is durable and economical.
A close-up photo of the v-groove.
Square Edged Floorboards

For areas where the floor may need to be lifted i.e. where access is required to underfloor pipes and cables, square edged-boards are recommended.

The boards are nailed to the joists below, and can be individually removed if necessary.
Square-edged boards are ideal for repairs, where a damaged board can be replaced by dropping a new replica, square-edged board into position.


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